Frequently Asked Questions


We are so confident in our work and quality of our product, that we offer a 12 month Guarantee on all our blinds.. This means that we will cover all the parts and material which make up your blind. As well as, arranging a replacement like for like, if an issue occurs.

You can find out more about our warranty here.

Once you have received your Quotation from one of our team and are happy to go ahead, you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit to allow the order to go into production.

Our measures are 100% FREE, we will arrange a time and date which is ideal for you. On the day we will arrive and take the measurements of all your windows where you are wanting blinds. Once we have these measurements we will get a quote back to you ASAP.

You can book your FREE measuring visit here.

We are available to complete evening and weekend appointments. You can either book yourself in through our online booking form or if you would like, give us a call on 01274 717 952 and a member of our friendly team will arrange a time & date to fit around your schedule.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are pretty simple to operate. As the name might suggest, there is fabric wrapped around a tube, which has the ability to be raised or lowered. Pulling down on the control chain will raise or lower the fabric which will allow you to get the ideal amount of light coming into your room. If you are wanting to block out more light, then you would be best to have your fabric rolled down the back. If you are wanting to allow more light through, you should have your fabric rolled from the front.

Yes, we are able to offer a spring loaded roller blind. All of our roller blinds come as standard with a side chain system, but if you prefer a spring loaded control, we are able to supply this instead up to a maximum width and drop of 150cm.

Many of our roller blinds are fitted with a breakaway chain connector, these may look like they are broken once they come apart from each other. However, you can simply clip the chain back together in order to restore the chain. The chains are built this way, to prevent the risk of strangulation, by breaking under pressure.

Child safety is a very important part of what we do at Hudson Blinds. Our roller blinds can be supplied with a chain option however they must have a breakaway device or alternatively the chain must be attached to the wall with a chain safety tidy AND be a minimum of 150cm from the floor. Alternatively a motorised option or a spring loaded roller blind with no chain operation, are all further choices to be considered when ordering.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds work by a cord pulley system which is placed between each of the horizontal slats. This design is often referred to as Venetian. When the blind is fully raised up, the slats will be gathered together at the top of your window. This will give you a full view of the outside. When you lower and rotate your wooden blinds, you are able to blockout the sunlight, as well as giving yourself privacy from anyone looking in from outside. There are a number of positions you can set your wooden blinds to, which will give different amounts of light and privacy as your require.

Yes, we have a huge range of colour options available. Whether you are wanting a matching tape for your blinds or a contrasting, we have the choice for you. No matter what slat size, we will be able to install a tape to your wooden blinds.

All the fabric we use will give you total privacy, with the exception of woven wood. As this will have an open weave, meaning it will have some light leakage.

Yes we are able to install a wooden blind to your door. However, you will need to check behind the door to ensure that the handle will not affect the operation of the blind. There will be a restriction on the slat size you can have which will be either 25mm or 35mm to ensure that it will fit behind.

We will check the width so that the blind is able to travel up and down without hitting the handle.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a fabric based blind (pleated) that has a simple pull cord attached to it, this allows for you to set the height of the blind, depending on your preference. This means that it is incredibly simple to block out the light and have maximum privacy within your room.

We use a white or ivory lining inside all of our roman blinds. Mainly using the white fabric within our white fabrics, then using the ivory coloured lining inside all of our other fabrics. This is the true for our blackout lining option too. With our blackout romans being supplied with on a sidewinder control only.

Roman Blinds are available in lots of different fabrics, colours and patterns and are often the very best choice when considering styling options. With the addition of a blackout or a solprufe lining to help with temperature control, they could easily be the ideal choice for any conservatory. Motorised options are also available for all our Roman Blinds .

Yes, Roman Blinds can help enormously with blocking out sunlight into a room. Our Roman Blinds are available with a choice of many linings including thermal, blackout or interlined blackout lining which all give highly effective light reducing qualities. Roman Blinds with a suitable blackout lining are one of the very best choices when considering blocking out light to any room.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds work by a cord pulley system which is placed between each of the horizontal slats. When the blind is fully raised up, the slats will be gathered together at the top of your window. This will give you a full view of the outside. When you lower and rotate your venetian blinds, you are able to blockout the sunlight, as well as giving yourself privacy from anyone looking in from outside. There are a number of positions you can set your venetian blinds to, which will give different amounts of light and privacy as your require.

Yes of course! Our range of faux wood or aluminiums are the perfect addition to any bathroom. With their water resistance and easily cleaned, makes them the ideal choice for your bathroom. We have a number of different colours and materials available.

Both vertical and venetian are the best option for privacy. With the ability to tilt the slats to help obscure the view into your room from the outside. As well as, the ability to completely block out both light and the outside so that you have total privacy.

We offer 3 different sizes in our slats 25mm, 35mm & 50mm. Depending on the size of your window will depend on which slat size would be most suitable.

Blackout & Thermal Blinds

Blackout blinds can be any type of blind so there isn’t a specific explanation of how they work. You can take a look at our other blind FAQ’s for the specific type of blind you are looking to purchase. All our blackout blinds come with a blackout lining which will ensure that you get the maximum amount of light blocked from your windows.

A thermal blind refers to the type of lining that the blind has. With a thermal lining, usually made from aluminium helps to control the temperature within your room. In the summer it can help to reflect the heat back out, so that you can keep your room cool. Whilst in the winter months, it will help to retain the heat inside your room.

Not all blackout blinds have to be black. We have a wide range of colours and fabric styles to choose from. Which means you can get a blackout blind that will match your interior style and not just have to go for a black blackout blind.

Thermal blinds can certainly help to control the temperature in your room. With their specialised lining, it is possible that they can help to reduce the amount you spend on your heating bills during the colder months.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds work by clipping directly into your window frame. With no need to drill into UPVC and cause potential cracks. They simply have clips that slide into your window between the glass and the rubber seal. Once these are in place the frame and unit can be clipped into place. Having this type of blind will mean you can easily open and close your window with no hinderence.

Yes and No. If your doors can pass over each other with the blind installed without it causing any issues then you will be able to install these blinds. The perfect fit frame will sit around 1 cm out from the door, which means you need a gap wider than 1.5cm in order for these blinds to fit perfectly. If your doors simply slide over each other with no gap, then unfortunately there isn’t a way to install this type of blind.

Not at all! They are installed with no tools, meaning there is no drilling into your UPVC to install brackets. The unit clips into your window frame, with the clips themself slotting in between the glass and rubber seal. This means that you can swap out the blind without leaving ugly drill holes in your PVC.

Definitely. If you are looking for a blind that can be installed without leaving ugly drill holes or causing futher damage to your windows they are ideal. It is even possible to install them as roof blinds, as they also come in a variety of shapes. Not only this, but as they are fit into your window’s frame, you get a clutter free window sill.

Vertical Blinds & Slats

Vertical blinds are made up of fabric slats and a head rail. They are operated by using either a control rod or chain, which will tilt the blinds. Not only this, but it will also allow you to slide the blinds open, depending on the style you choose. You can choose for your blinds to be bunched to the left, right or even split from the middle to have them evenly distributed at either side of your window.

Yes, we have a wide range of replacement slats available for vertical blinds. Get in contact with a member of our fantastic team to discuss the options.

With our vertical blinds, you can control the amount of privacy you have in your room. Tilting the slats will help to obscure the view in from the outside. If you are wanting total privacy, then fully tilting the blind will help to block viewers from outside.

If you choose to go with a blackout lined vertical blind, you will be able to block a good amount of light. Due to the fact that a vertical blind is made up of fabric slats, there will be some light leakage which will come from where the slats overlap one and other.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds work with a simple pull system which will allow for you to set the desired height of the blinds. If you want them fully closed, simply pull down on the cord to release the lock and slowly lowered the blind the full way down. If you want to lock your blind halfway up the window, simply pull the cord and set the desired height by locking the cord in place once the blind reaches this height.

It really comes down to personal preference, all of our blinds are able to be installed within your conservatory. If you are not wanting to drill into your UPVC frame however, we would suggest our range of perfect fit pleated blinds, these have a tooless install which means they won’t damage your window frames during installation.

Yes, we are able to supply a blackout lining to all of our pleated blinds.

Of course, if you take advantage of our FREE measuring service we will bring our sample book which contains all the fabrics we currently manufacture with. One of our team will help you to choose the best fabric to match your whole interior styling.

Vision Blinds

Vision blinds have a single piece of fabric which is looped to create a two layer fabric system. With a mixture of fabric and transparent “slats”, you can have precise control over the amount of privacy and light coming into your window. Operated with a side chain control, you can easily decide whether you would like to blockout light completely or have partial light coming into your room.

A roller blind is a single piece of fabric which can either be rolled from the front or back of the system. A vision blind is a single piece of fabric which is looped around to have 2 layers, one at the front and the other at the back. This means that you can blockout light even with the blind halfway closed.

Although we are able to supply our vision blinds with a blackout fabric, we are unable to guarantee that this will completely block out all the incoming light to your room.

Being a similar fitting to a roller blind, we are able to install a vision blind practically anywhere within your home. Whether you are wanting them in a recess, outer window or in your conservatory, we are able to install the brackets virtually anywhere.

Roof Blinds

Roof blinds can either work by using a wand or crank operating system, as well as having the ability to be motorised. Spinning/Cranking the mechanism will either open or close the blind. If you have a motorised blind installed, then you will simply click either the open or close button on your remote to control the blinds.

We are able to supply a number of blinds for many different window brands. You can see the full range we offer here.

We currently offer for a skylight window a roller roof blind which will fit many brands of skylight windows. If you are looking for a conservatory roof blind, we are able to supply a pleated blind system, which will be ideal for this style of window.

Yes, we are able to supply a motorised roof blind. With the ability to schedule when your blinds open and close, depending on the time of day (This is an optional extra, ask a member of our team to assist you when booking in your FREE measure).

Conservatory Blinds

With the ability for us to install any type of blind into your conservatory you can choose which blind you feel would be the best fit. If you’re not wanting to damage your UPVC frame, we suggest taking advantage of our perfect fit system. With a tooless install it won’t cause any damage to your window frames.

No, we are able to install a number of different blind types to your conservatory. The reason why we suggest using perfect fit blinds is to leave your window frames undamaged during installation and if you want to change your blinds in the future you can do so without causing any further damage to your UPVC.

If you are wanting a non perfect fit blind, then we will have to drill into your PVC. Unless, you have a solid roof on top of your conservatory, where we will be able to use a roof fitting bracket. If you want to avoid having your PVC drilled into, we strongly recommend our perfect fit range, as these clip into the window frame without causing any damage to the window surround.

If you are looking to have the same type of blind, we will be able to install a new fabric and system into the existing brackets. However, if you want to change for example from a roller to a vertical, it will require new brackets to be installed. We will do our best to cover any existing holes to avoid the fittings looking unsightly. From our experience, it is better to have the perfect fit system installed, as drilling into your UPVC can void your conservatory’s warranty.


The most common fabrics we use in our curtains are cotton, washable silk and polyester.

Of course! If you are looking to make your curtains the talking point of your room, we definitely have the collection of fabric to help you achieve this. Whether you are looking for a bright colour or a stunning pattern fabric our team will help you make the right choice. We know what can help make your curtains the focal point in your room.

Yes of course, we have the ability to offer our curtains with a blackout lining, which means you can block out any unwanted light coming through your windows.


They sure are! Our stunning Vienna range is an ABS approved waterproof product. This means that you can bring a sense of style and flair to your bathroom. Unlike our other shutter styles, the Vienna range won’t warp or crack under the damp and wet conditions of a bathroom. Coming with stainless steel hinges which will stay shiny and new looking, without any rust.

Due to our shutters all being made to measure, we are able to fit them to almost any space you could imagine. Even if you think your window could be a problem, our experienced team can measure, manufacture and install a shutter without any issues.

Not at all! We have one of the largest selection of shutter ranges in the U.K. You can rest assured that you will find the ideal shutter style and colour you are looking for to enhance your interior styling.

Yes we have a number of colours available for our hinges. You can choose from eight colours in total and we are confident that you will be able to find one that matches perfectly.