Motorised Blinds Made to Measure For Your Window!

While just as straightforward to install as manual blinds, motorised blinds offer greater control over light and privacy with a simple button press. With a wide range of fabrics and designs available, our motorised blinds are a beautiful and practical addition to any home. They feature an integrated motor hidden from view and can be powered by rechargeable battery or directly from the mains. Rest assured, our expert installation team ensures all safety standards and electrical regulations are met.

Benefits of Motorised Blinds

Explore the key advantages of incorporating Roller Blinds into your home

Easy Operation

Hard-To-Reach Windows?

Child Safe

Operate By App


Our motorised blinds operate via a remote for ease and convenience and can also be integrated into voice command systems, such as Amazon Alexa and home automation systems. The large majority of our motorised blinds are supplied as battery operated, meaning they typically just need charging every 4-6 months! Charging them up is just like charging a mobile phone, you plug the charger into the side of your blind, and a full charge tends to take around 4-6 hours.

For hard to access areas where charging may not be too easy, or just for ultimate convenience, we would advise to have the blinds powered with a solar battery pack. This eliminates the need to charge the blinds via a UK plug!

If you’re planning renovations at your home or are starting your rooms from scratch, we would recommend for you to contact us when you begin to think about the electrics in your home as our motorised blinds can also be hard wired. This means that they are operated by the mains electric in your home – meaning there’s no need to charge the blinds!

The vast majority of our blinds can be motorised yes, we can even offer motorised Shutters and motorised Curtain tracks, too!

Over the years, the prices of motorisation have lowered as motorisation is much more poplar now. We can provide a no obligation quote for any window size and blind type!

We manufacture our blinds with Somfy motors, alongside offering Somfy’s home automation products too!

Yes! You can actually operate up to 16 blinds on one remote!

Customise your Motorised Blinds

Upgrade Remote

You can operate multiple blinds at once with an upgraded remote control for your motorised blinds.

Upgrade From Basic Battery

Hook your blinds up to your mains electricity supply, or go extra green by opting for a solar powered system.

Smart Home Hub Or Kit

Integrate your motorised blinds into your smart home. Operate your blinds via app, or even by voice command!