Vertical Blinds Custom Made For Your Window!

Vertical Blinds are popular among homeowners and offices across the UK due to their practicality and appearance. They effectively block sunlight and glare while also providing insulation for your property.

We offer made-to-measure Vertical Blinds tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring both the design and operation meet your requirements perfectly.

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Explore the key advantages of incorporating Vertical Blinds into your home

Light Control


Great For Larger Windows/Doors

Energy Saving


Yes – we sell both! So if you’re looking for a brand new blind, we have you covered! Or if you’re looking for a quick upgrade of just your slats, we can help with that too!

Yes we do! We offer wand control vertical blinds, where the wand turns to tilt the slats and you also use the wand to draw on the blind. A great child safe by design option! The other alternative to a wand is chain and cord control, which is attached to the wall.

Yes, there are lots of options! A popular option now is to have the bottom of the slats as ‘chainless’ – where chain is not applied (as over the years this can break). Chainless options can include the weights being fully sewn or welded into the slats or we also have removable weights which don’t have the weight arms to apply chain to. We also offer a variety of different colours such as white, beige, anthracite and black, along with different chain finishes too!

Yes we do, although there’s much more choice for 3.5”/89mm slats, so if you were looking for a brand new full blind, we’d certainly recommend the 3.5”/89mm spaced blinds.

Yes! We offer light filtering, thermal and blackout fabric choices for the slats of the blinds!

Yes, we can manufacture up to 5m in width and are a very cost effective blind to cover large windows.

Yes, the slats can have a centre split (bunch at either side) or can bunch all to the left, or bunch all to the right. This means a great amount of flexibility when designing how you’re rooms going to be used and with furniture etc.

Customise your Vertical Blinds

Weight & Chain Options

Upgrade your Vertical Blind with custom colours for the weight and chain. Multiple chain finishes are available.

Wand Control

Opt to operate your Vertical Blinds using a wand control rather than a chain. This is a great option for family homes.

Fabric Options

Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and find the perfect blind to enhance the look and feel of your home.