Wooden Blinds Custom Made For Your Window!

Our Wooden Blinds are crafted from durable and adaptable materials, ensuring easy operation and a visually stunning appearance. They offer a natural alternative to fabric or plastic designs, adding a sense of organic beauty to your space. If you enjoy the outdoors and want to incorporate natural elements into your home décor, these blinds are the perfect choice for you.

Benefits of Wooden Blinds

Explore the key advantages of incorporating Wooden Blinds into your home

Light Control

Easy Cleaning

Durability & Longevity



Yes – we supply both real wood and faux wood venetian blinds. Real wood is a lovely material to add into your home and is available in a range of different colours (not just wood colours) whereas faux wood has added benefits such as being water resistant and more hard wearing as the slats are made from plastic. Our faux wood blinds are a great choice for rooms with high moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Decorative tapes replace the normal vertical ladder cords on a real/faux wood blind. They add a touch of luxury and fabric texture to the blind and are also popular as they recreate a shutter style look. The decorative tapes are for aesthetic purposes only so they don’t provide any practical benefits, and they’re available in different widths and colours too!

Yes! The most popular width slat is 50mm however we do also offer 63mm, 35mm and 25mm widths. If you’re looking for more privacy, our 25mm and 35mm slatted blinds are better as you have more slats overall, compared to larger width slats.

Our 50mm slats offer great light and privacy control.
Our 63mm slats offer a more shutter style look due to the larger slats.

No – they’re not classed as a blackout blind but they do of course block light out. The wood blinds let small amounts of light through the slats when closed, in the industry this is known as a ‘glow’ and also through any cord location holes and around the blind. Decorative tapes do cover up the cord location holes though!

Customise your Wooden Blinds

Decorative Tapes

Choose from a selection of excellent tape options. Give your Wooden Blinds an extra personal touch.

Tilt & Lift Motorisation

Enjoy the height of modern convenience with Wooden Blinds that both lift and tilt by remote motor control.

Tassel Options

Make your Wooden Blinds truly your own by selecting the perfect decorative tassels to complement your style.