Pleated Blinds Custom Made For Your Window!

Pleated Blinds are one of our more popular designs. Crafted from pleated fabric that neatly stacks when raised, these beautiful blinds create a stylishly clean look whether open or closed. Pleated Blinds add texture to your room and offer insulation, keeping your home cosy in all seasons. If you want a sleek and modern window covering, these blinds are the perfect choice.

Benefits of Pleated Blinds

Explore the key advantages of incorporating Pleated Blinds into your home

Light Control

Energy Efficiency

Light Control

Light Control


Pleated blinds offer a stylish and flexible option for your windows. They can be neatly folded up into a small space when not in use. Typically made from polyester, they’re great for maximizing your view, especially in small recesses where standard roller or Venetian blinds might not fit. Our free-hanging pleated blinds fit snugly within a recess, making them perfect for blocking out light. For maximum light blocking, choose a cellular blackout fabric. The slim headrail of pleated blinds also allows them to be installed behind shutters for ultimate light control.

We offer cellular (honeycomb) and single cell pleated blind fabrics. If you’re looking for great thermal benefits, the cellular structure is the one to chose as it traps a layer of air, and opting for blackout improves the thermal benefits more! Single cell pleated fabrics can also boast thermal properties if they’re blackout and they can also have intelligent backing properties such as reflective coatings, to help regulate the temperature of the room.

Yes they can and they look fantastic motorised too as they are very compact once they’re opened!

We manufacture ‘free-hanging’ pleated blinds which are operated via a pull cord. We also manufacture our Pleated Blinds within a Perfect Fit system which is a frame which clips directly onto the glazing of the window, and we also can manufacture the Pleated Blinds without this frame and instead attaches to the glass with just adhesion!

Customise your Pleated Blinds

Upgrade Your Material

Both cellular and blackout materials are available, offering excellent thermal and light-blocking capabilities.

Upgrade to Motorisation

Enjoy greater ease of use, energy savings and enhanced home security by motorising your Pleated Blinds.

Loads of Colours

Choose from a variety of available colours and find the perfect Pleated Blind to suit your style.