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Blackout/Thermal Custom Made For Your Window!

Our selection of blackout and thermal blinds are designed to provide complete protection without sacrificing on style. Banish or bask in the sunshine, the choice is yours with our stunning collection of quality blackout blinds. Perfect for the bedroom, these will offer complete privacy whilst allowing you to get a decent sleep. Nobody likes being woken up too early by beaming sunlight!

12 Months Guarantee

We are proud of our quality & back them with a 12 month guarantee.

Free Samples

We can send you samples FREE of charge of any of our fabrics.

UK Manufacturer

We make all our blinds inhouse. So if you want them fast, we can make them fast!

25 Years Experience

Our experience means we produce quality & beautiful end products.

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a few words about

Our range of thermal blinds are one of the most energy efficient blinds available here at Hudson. These will help keep your home insulated – keeping it warm in winter and comfortable in the summer. The effect this can have on your energy bill is incredible. Who doesn’t like saving money?! Each and every blind we sell here at Hudson Blinds is made to measure and tailored to your exact requirements. Our high-quality products are tried and tested through a rigorous quality control process before being delivered straight to your door.

Blackout/Thermal FAQs

FAQ Image

How Do Blackout Blinds Work?

Blackout blinds can be any type of blind so there isn’t a specific explanation of how they work. You can take a look at our other blind FAQ’s for the specific type of blind you are looking to purchase. All our blackout blinds come with a blackout lining which will ensure that you get the maximum amount of light blocked from your windows.

What does a "Thermal" blind mean?

A thermal blind refers to the type of lining that the blind has. With a thermal lining, usually made from aluminium helps to control the temperature within your room. In the summer it can help to reflect the heat back out, so that you can keep your room cool. Whilst in the winter months, it will help to retain the heat inside your room.

Do blackout blinds have to be black?

Not all blackout blinds have to be black. We have a wide range of colours and fabric styles to choose from. Which means you can get a blackout blind that will match your interior style and not just have to go for a black blackout blind.

Can thermal blinds help to reduce my heating bills?

Thermal blinds can certainly help to control the temperature in your room. With their specialised lining, it is possible that they can help to reduce the amount you spend on your heating bills during the colder months.

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